Amos Neill was born in Springport, Michigan, on February 19, 1944. Most of his early years were spent in Jackson, Michigan. Since then, his life journey has taken him to Alaska, California, and Virginia.

Amos started from humble beginnings as a mortuary worker and ambulance driver, ultimately becoming someone who:

  • Obtained a Doctorate in Theology in 1970
  • Helped found the first Suicide Prevention Hotlines in California, which ultimately led to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline
  • Was instrumental in the downfall of the Nixon Administration during the Watergate Scandal
  • Enjoyed a 34-year professional and personal relationship with President Ronald Reagan

Amos is blessed with an unusual number of spiritual gifts. He has used these gifts throughout his lifetime, to aid in the pursuits he is most passionate about:

  • Suicide Counseling and Prevention
  • Justice and Reform within the Mortuary Industry
  • Strengthening his relationship with God

His latest effort, the “My Forty Years In The Wilderness” series, is the extension of his desire for social and political reforms in suicide prevention and the mortuary industry.

Today, Amos currently resides in Suffolk, Virginia. He is working on the second (and last) volume in the series, “Eyes On The White House”. He also uses this website to post content concerning suicide prevention and mortuary reform.

As someone who has faced death often, and has years of experience in suicide prevention, Amos strongly desires to counsel those in need. As a result, his contact information is listed below:

Amos D. Neill

3857 Indian Trail
Suffolk, Virginia 23434-8328
Telephone: (757) 934-0070

If you have questions or comments, please contact him! He will be happy to answer! And in all sincerity, if you or someone you know are in need of suicide counseling, please do not hesitate to reach out to Amos. He will assist you in any way he can.

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